Mens Wear Goes Ethnic

So how are you all doing?
We’ve been busy busy… checkout our instagram account for more:

However something we are seriously working on are mens’ dress shirts. 
We got a few out to some wonderful customers, but we wanted to order even more in and ethnify them.
You know we are all about making ethnic fashion a regular thing on the streets. So we want to add our ethnic fabric to the sleeves and collars and see what the outcome will be. We are also going to work on a couple of dresses since alas, spring is right around the corner and we want to dress you for every occasion.

As usual, leave us your thoughts. You know we love to hear from you.
Always… smooches
LHO Team

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The Year of Bow Ties: Gals vs Guys Version

We love you all. Do you know that?
We love what you inspire us to create? What you inspire us to shop for? All that you make us think about? We truly do want to exist to cater to you. So thank you for the opportunity to dress and accessorize YOU.

Now… 2 guesses what the latest request is?
People wanted us to get bow ties in stock. Men (and men’s significant others) wanted us to get something that was guy-ish without too much effort. Jewelry can be guy-ish but it’s not every man’s thing. So we got thinking and so after months of hunting we are proud to announce that yes, Love’s Hangover Creations will now have both clip-on, self-tie and ready-tied bow ties.

Mr. Fun Vs. Simply Sexy

Mr. Fun Vs. Simply Sexy

We have a local Indy designer who we are proud to be collaborating with on a majority of these. So look out on every social media page we have from Instagram (which we just joined: LHOCreations) to Pinterest/ Twitter and Facebook for updates as they are produced.

Now the thing that we found out while doing our research is as much as bowties seem like a guy thing. They really aren’t anymore (sorry guys… women borrowed that look too) and we wanted to know who you think rocks this accessory better (feel free to be biased to your gender or the opposite sex. We do not mind)? So we’ve compiled a tonne of pictures as always from journeying online and we want to hear you. This time round, feedback means PRIZES (someone is winning a bottle of wine from us) and everyone loves prizes so be sure to comment, comment some more and comment again.

Here are the looks we found and NO we do not own these images. NO they are not ours, but we are more than honored to feature them on our site in celebration of The Year Of Bow Ties:

Smooches munchkins:
LHO Team

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Wrap Your Head Around This…

So so so… let’s talk head wraps.
They are the new fun way to spruce up your look and give it that nonchalant bohemian feel.
We’ve received a lot of requests for them from London, Cayman Islands to right here in the US. So to help make these even more of a staple we decided to survey the internet (and pinterest which by the way you should so follow us on for some eye catching head wrap looks to share with you. The fun thing about wraps is that they transcends shade, race, creed and even gender (think America’s Next Top Model) which is what we believe true fashion should do… unite the masses in fantasticness.

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Now there is a myth about head wraps being trendy only in summer which is so FALSE. One, you decide what is trendy and when it can be trendy. We have an 80 something year old jewelry-making-class customer who decided to finally get her ears pierced and also decided sapphire blue is the shade every woman needs in their closet and guess what? She was right.  So if you were looking for something different for your closet, def. try and turn blue. Don’t be afraid to rock wraps all year round. Don’t be afraid to try something different from the norm you are used to. Life is for living ladies (and gents) so LIVE!

Now along with those pix, here are a few pictures of the fabrics we have available. We do hope you remember thought that we are all about our products being customized WITH YOU IN MIND so hit us up with your requests (or simply to say hi) if you don’t see fabric in our lineup that speaks to your soul.

You know we love love love to hear from you
So until we meet via inbox

Necklaces/ Earrings and the “Right” Top. Quick Cheat Sheet

Never be confused about what type of jewelry goes with what again. We were on pinterest ( when we found this and thought we really ought to share this lovely guide. Follow us for all kinds of fun tips and ideas and feel free to pin this up and use this handy-dandy guide the next time you can’t decide if the blue turtleneck really goes with that necklace Aunt Jane gave you last Christmas.

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However with all dressing/ fashion guides comes our constant reminder: Always remember being fashionable is also about
being comfortable. The times when we feel sexiest is when we are wearing pieces that we are comfortable in. So BE YOU and be COMFORTABLE and remember if you like it, then why not go ahead and try it!

You only live once- may as well make it memorable!
LHO Team

PS: We added a few fun pieces from the past. Enjoy.

Vipuli Collection 2013!

Vipuli is Kiswahili for earrings. This collection has been a success and we are so grateful to you all for making that happen.
For those of you that do not know, yes, ladies love earrings and that has been shown by the phenomenal response to the fun Vipuli we have up for your browsing and shopping pleasure on facebook.

Most of these are a one time pair (unless it is otherwise stated). All you need to do to order is call/ text: 765.606,0777 or leave a comment below the earrings. We can process transactions by phone or on our etsy page:… whatever works best for you.

We have more that we will she showcasing but these are headed out of town and to a few new stores we will be supplying.
You do know how much we value and love your feedback though so let’s hear it for the latest ones we will be uploading this week.

Between now and then though here are some of the best sellers from the summer Vipuli Collection.
Smooches and thanks for all the love & support.
LHO Team

Gold Meets Turquoise @LHOCreations

So we were majorly inspired by how much our customers love Turquoise. This stone which symbolizes protection and wealth seems to be a favorite among our customers. So we went searching for inspiration ideas and a few cuffs stood out to us that we later added to our pinterest boards (yes we are on there. Connect with us, we’d love to connect with you):

We are still waiting on some white cuffs we ordered from our suppliers so we can create the white cuff with Turquoise stones, however the gold cuffs are here and this is the cuff we created.
What do you think?

Gold is not our favorite metal of choice, however, we thought enough people love gold so why not try it.
Being a good designer (to us anyhow) is about being able to work on a product even if it entails you not using your favorite raw materials and creating pieces that would never have anyone thinking you were not working with your faves. You have to be able to communicate with a wide variety of customers and clients and understand what the public wants.

So this was us taking in what you say.
Thanks for all the input, love and support.
And enjoy the cuffs we have up on facebook: and remember you can customize your next cuff with us.
LHO Team

Remixed Jewelry at Love’s Hangover Creations

Just returned home after a prep-interview with @IndysFruGal.
Tomorrow, Love’s Hangover Creations has one of it’s first recorded interviews. We are excited because we are always finding fun ways for women (and men) to save and get the look and now, we get to play with her old pieces of jewelry and let the rest of the world know about how they can remix their jewelry with us and that such a thing even exists.

Those earrings that are too heavy but that you love too much to part   with. That necklace that a best friend bought you on her trip to Europe that isn’t quite you… well let us help you turn it into a piece you never want to take off.
heavy earrings1
We have a solution for you and #IndysFruGal is going to help us showcase how easy and cost effective this can be.

Stay tuned.
And otherwise enjoy the rest of your Monday.
LHO Team


Say YES to the Clutch!


Wishing you all a SUPER HAPPY FRIDAY as we blog from somewhere in good o’l Noblesville.
We are not in the store today as it is our day off, but Pam is in so do stop by, even if it’s only to say hi and sample some of her Red Rock Rooibos Tea from South Africa.  So today there are no classes and no appointments, instead what we are doing in working on our online presence. Every time we do we make a positive step forward for our small business. For a long time it was all sales, and then of late, O Magazine started following us, the lovely Lawrence Adisa did the same too (love you LA:, OMG OMG OMG India Arie (who we have always wanted to dress) also followed us and all the way from Canada even Natalie Brown took notice of our work. We are humbled and honored and hope to make even more connections.

We Especially want to create that online presence now because we are “hungry”. It’s  been 4 years since we were last on the cover of anything and we are thinking it’s time we were on the cover of another publication. What do you think? We’ve reached out to all magazines both here in the US and of course everywhere else.

We are working with other small business owners from the rest of the world. People who have found a way to recycle magazines, we buy their beads to use in our store. People who’ve found a way to recycle soda bottles and turn those into beads too, fabulous, we’ve bought their beads as well. So why not ask the world to also come on board and tell of our small business story? Let’s see who steps up first.

For today though we wanted to reach out to the handbag or as Kenyans so fondly like to say thanks to Redykyulass, handapacka fanatics and let them know of the new goodies we just got from Nairobi. These are clutches but we have more variations coming in and we want to overwhelm you with options.

We love our shoppers and the eye they have for what we want to sell in our store and these beauties came over yesterday. Saw them and bought them ON THE SPOT. So now we have a little tantalizing selection and before we get them to the store, we wanted you to check them out online and tell a friend for a chance to get 50% OFF of one.

handbags The bags are once again made from recycled gunia (sacks for carrying potatoes and such in East Africa). Some have touches of leather and some have embellishments on them. Call/ Text the number to leave us your order and continue to keep us posted on what you want us to create/ bring into the store. We do value your input and participation in our online existence.
LHO Team


Pose for the Camera! So our team of lovely ladies has teamed up with a bunch of buff guys because we are planning SIFA SEVENS 2013.

We like to network, we like to meet and work with new, interesting people and so we currently have a slot open for a photographer for the weekend.
SIFA SEVENS 2013 will be during Memorial Weekend and we need you to get everything, from Friday’s Movie Premiere to Saturday and Sunday’s games AND every street and club party in between.

So if you think you are up for it, GET IN TOUCH!!!

For Elephant Lovers, For New Mums… For Everyone

So we have a new collection in the store. Since the early days of Love’s Hangover, one half of the sisters has always loved playing with chain and creating pieces using chains of all kinds. It was through this love that this collection was born. Also because we noticed not everyone wants a bold statement piece. Some people want something subtle. This is our subtle collection that gets the point across. So if you love animals, we’ve got you covered. If you want to tell a friend congrats on the new baby or remind an expert mum that her role matters, yap, we’ve got you covered for that too.

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The pendants are fun and detachable. You can transfer them to your favorite purse, charm bracelets and so on. It’s all about making pieces that make sense with daily living. We’d love to hear what you think of the new collection and if you want something customized for you, then leave us a comment, tweet us or inbox us on our fanpage. We’re all about affordability so the pieces are all under 20 bucks.

Happy Tuesday and remember it pays to give feedback. You might just win one of our monthly giveaways.
Smooches and thanks for reading.
LHO Team