Welcoming Ms. Julie O to the LHO Team: Fashion Report From South Africa

10711083_10152306824351360_2811860762009893930_nWith the passage of time, new things must spring to life. So as we approach our 5 year anniversary we are also celebrating new parts and pieces to the LHO Family.

Oh, Hi!

Hello everyone! My name is Julie O and I’m a Scorpio. I’m also a girl. One who lives several lives in one, between Kenya, South Africa and the internet; between being a model and a future architect; even being a preppy kid one day and an Ankara butterfly the next. But we can chat about clothes and style later. We thought you all needed some background on just who I am since I will be penning to you all on the regular.

There are certain things that stay constant in all my life scenes. One is my adoration for my first love and the place that is home, Kenya. That includes the family and friends that have made me myself.

Another is my love for travel, art, food, learning languages and spreading messages of consciousness and knowledge. To me, every time you learn something new about how the world works, it becomes better. I hope to impart as well as gain some… no! LOTS of knowledge as I begin this new fashion powered journey (yes, fashion too can make the world better)

Right now I’m here to say a quick hello and introduce you to my weird little world at the southern edge of the African continent. Hold somebody’s hand because it’s going to be a ride full of colour, big waves, adventure, FASHION, and a few laughs.

I’m psyched :D Watch this space. Kbye.

Julie O. for the #LHOTeam


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